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CleanSpace HALO wins Platinum Respiratory Protection Award

Sydney, Australia – CleanSpace Technology is pleased to announce CleanSpace HALO has won a product award at the inaugural OH&S Industrial Hygiene Awards.

The Platinum Respiratory Protection Award was granted for CleanSpace HALO, a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system that houses smart technology in a revolutionary, compact design. The CleanSpace HALO delivers the highest protection in healthcare while being comfortable, quick to fit and easily integrated into any setting.

The 2021 Industrial Hygiene Awards consisted of 18 categories and recognised the outstanding product development achievements of health and safety manufacturers whose products or services are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve industrial hygiene.

CleanSpace Technology CEO Dr Alex Birrell said the achievement is a testament to the company’s commitment to improving respiratory safety for the healthcare sector.

“Respiratory protection is technically one of the most challenging areas of safety. We’re honoured CleanSpace HALO is recognised for its ability to protect healthcare workers from airborne contaminants. At CleanSpace Technology, we’re passionate about continually improving health outcomes, workplace safety and standards of care,” said Dr Birrell.

“Our vision was to create a respirator that was a true innovation in personal respiratory protection. With a desire to better protect and serve people on the frontline, our biomedical engineers created something that would change the way the healthcare sector used respirators.”

OH&S Editor Sydny Shepard added they were delighted by the turnout for the first Industrial Hygiene awards program and it was important that they call out and recognise the large scope of products in the industrial hygiene universe.

“The safety industry continues to see more innovative and robust products and services added to the market each year. It is our hope in these continuously trying times that the Industrial Hygiene Awards will bring more information, awareness and safety to employers and employees,” said Ms Shepard.