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All CleanSpace respirators are compatible with a range of facepieces including half and full face masks. The half mask comes in three (3) sizes: small, medium and large. When the wearer does not have the masks to select the different sizes, we recommend using the Mask Size Guide available below to assist users with selecting the right size mask.

When selecting a suitable mask size we provide the following guidance:

  • A good fit starts with comfort. The right mask size should be comfortable.
  • Positioning the nose piece should not be too high (Avoid sitting close to the corner of the eyes) and not too low (should not sit halfway down the nose)
  • The chin cushion should rest slightly under the chin with no gaps
  • Women best mask fit is a small or medium mask; Men best mask fit is a comfortable in a medium or large mask.

When fitting the CleanSpace respirator, mask size is only one way to achieve a good fit, harness and power unit adjustments are also recommended to ensure the system is comfortable and there is minimum leak.

Sizing Table

Face Length
Face Length (Vertical Axis)
Face Length
Face Width (Horizontal Axis)
Face Length
Face Length
138.5mm Face Length
Face Width
128.5mm 6 9 10
118.5mm 7 8
108.5mm 3 4 5
98.5mm 1 2
120.5mm 132.5mm 144.5mm 158.5mm
Fit Number First Try Then Try
1-2 Small Medium
3-7 Medium Small OR Large
8-10 Large Medium

On narrow faces, the action of pulling on the arms of the mask to tighten it causes the height of the mask to increase. The narrower the face, the more likely a smaller mask will be a better fit.

Face should be relaxed when taking measurements.

No set of guidelines can ensure that you have the right size mask for your face. You must confirm the fit performed according to OSHA regulations 1910.134.

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