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Emergence of BA.2 Omicron Sub-Variant Emphasises the Importance of Effective and Available respiratory Protection

Experts are warning that the new BA.2 Omicron sub-variant that’s emerged in Australia may be 25-30% more infectious than its predecessor.

New modelling from UNSW predicts COVID-19 cases will double in the next 4-6 weeks in NSW, with Victoria on track to follow a similar trajectory.

We have seen the detrimental effects of a highly infectious variant internationally. It’s been heart-wrenching to see hospital systems worldwide buckle under immense pressure, particularly in the last few months. No one wants to hear COVID-positive staff needing to return to work because there is no other choice.”

In Australia, it has been great to work with hospitals in metro and regional areas upgrading their PPE with high level respiratory protection for their staff.  This not only benefits the staff, it is critical for their patients. We would like to see high level protection for all healthcare workers, including those in vulnerable regional areas and in clinical teams working in the community.

A new highly infectious variant emphasises the importance of effective and available respiratory protection. This is a respiratory virus with airborne transmission. Reliable and high protection masks are necessary to prevent the disastrous crisis in staff shortages, that have hit Australian and US hospitals.

As Fast Company highlighted this week, CleanSpace HALO is internationally recognised as a best in class medical device technology for protection of healthcare workers. Singapore’s Sengkang General Hospital implemented CleanSpace Halo personal protection devices across the hospital to all healthcare staff before the pandemic. After caring for 748 COVID-19 patients over six months, none of the hospital’s workers were infected.

The most advanced respirator technology offering 40 times more protection than disposable masks is designed and made by an Australian company. A specialist in respiratory protection, CleanSpace has its technology being used in hospitals in USA, Europe and Japan. Australian healthcare leaders have been proactive and upgraded their PPE to be sustainable, reliable and to protect the wellbeing of their workforce and the wider Australian population. CleanSpace will continue to support our healthcare workers through this new variant outbreak.