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CleanSpace Technology’s vision was to create a respirator that was a true innovation in personal respiratory protection.

Using a combination of world class skills with a desire to better protect and serve people on the frontline of industry and healthcare, our biomedical engineers created something that would change the way people used respirators.

Innovation for Comfort

CleanSpace Respirators increase compliance through comfort and ease of use. All CleanSpace respirators:

  • Offer the highest level of protection up to 99.97%
  • Are lightweight – less than 500g (1lb)
  • Have no hoses, belts or waist mounted battery packs
  • Can be operated using the easy one button system
  • Have up to 14 hours* run time
  • Offer air-on-demand using our – AirSensit Technology
  • Have a soft silicon mask for comfort and ease of communication
  • Fresh airflow (up to 230L/min)

* Operating time is strongly affected by filter type, filter loading, mask seal, work rate, altitude, and other factors. Actual operating times may vary widely.

Innovation for Safety

In addition to comfort, CleanSpace respirators give workers the level of confidence they need when working in environments with air borne particulates or gases.

CleanSpace has a range of P3 filters and combination gas filters to suite a range of industries. Being a positive pressure unit, fresh air flows outwards and contaminated air is unable to enter, even if a small gap between the mask and face is present. CleanSpace Respirators are CE, NIOSH and AS/NZS1716 approved.

For a full list of CleanSpace Approvals visit our approvals page

Innovation for ease of use

CleanSpace Respirators are durable enough for industry, yet ergonomic enough for the healthcare setting, ensuring comfort and compliance.

CleanSpace Respirators:

  • Have a simple one button operation
  • Are easy to put on
  • Are easy to transport and deploy
  • Are compatible with other PPE
  • Require few parts and low inventory

Designed and made to last

CleanSpace Technology’s design and manufacturing is ISO9001 accredited, assuring the highest level of quality and reliability standards. All CleanSpace Respirators are covered by a two-year limited warranty. CleanSpace Respirators are proudly made in Australia.

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