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Filter Service Life Estimate (FSLE)

Knowing when to change a filter is an important part of any respiratory protection program. There are two filter types used in conjunction with CleanSpace motor units - particulate and combination particulate, gas or vapour. All CleanSpace units have a Filter Change Alert for the particulate filter which is triggered when the filter exceeds service limits and needs to be changed. It consists of a repeated aural alert of two beeps per second and a red flashing Filter Alarm Light. Gas & Vapour filters do not have an audible alert and rely on the wearer detecting a taste or smell (breakthrough) associated with the chemicals being used as an indicator that the filter needs to be changed.

CleanSpace is able to provide a Filter Service Life Estimate (FSLE) for most A class chemicals. An FSLE gives an estimate of when the filter should be changed, this is given as minutes of use and allows users to change filters before reaching capacity and experiencing breakthrough. For users of CST Ultra the FSLE can be assigned to a filter via the CleanSpace Smart app and an audible filter change alert will be triggered when the estimated service time is reached.

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