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Fast Company Selects CleanSpace Technology as World’s Top 10 Innovative Medical Device Companies


Advanced PPE Protecting Healthcare Workers Receives Honour in Roll Call of Global Innovators

Respiratory protection has never been more important – evident today with Fast Company announcing CleanSpace Technology as one of the World’s Most Innovative Medical Device Companies for 2022. CleanSpace was chosen for its ground-breaking innovations in clinical face mask technology – a compact Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) that delivers fresh air to healthcare workers, whilst offering the highest level of protection and can be readily scaled up in patient care settings during outbreaks.

Having chronicled leading businesses for over two decades, Fast Company’s editors and writers sought out the most groundbreaking businesses across the globe and industries. This year’s list honours businesses that are making the biggest impact on their industries and culture as a whole—ultimately thriving in today’s ever-changing world. These companies are creating the future today with some of the most inspiring accomplishments of the 21st century. CleanSpace is honoured to join the ranks of SpaceX, Microsoft, and Canva.

Listing CleanSpace at number 4 in the inaugural Medical Device category, Fast Company highlighted CleanSpace’s pioneering work in transforming vital clinical respiratory protection –  an industry that has not innovated in 30 years. The Company’s technology not only dramatically improves protection and healthcare worker comfort, it is a sustainable solution that builds resilient healthcare systems.  

“The CleanSpace HALO respirator looks like something you’d see in the futuristic hospital of a sci-fi movie, but its technology is playing a critical role in keeping healthcare workers COVID-free in the present,” said Fast Company’s Associate Editor David Salazar.

With the company’s decade of experience in protecting workers from airborne contaminants, CleanSpace HALO is the world’s first healthcare specific respirator and is now used in close to 1000 hospitals globally. It is 40 times more effective than the N95 mask.

Above all, as Fast Company highlights, CleanSpace HALO works: Singapore’s Sengkang General Hospital implemented the devices across the hospital to all healthcare staff before the pandemic. After caring for 748 COVID-19 patients over six months, none of the hospital’s workers were infected.

“We are honoured our innovations in respiratory protection are included in the prestigious Fast Company list. This week at the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit, the Director-General of WHO reminded us that COVID-19 will not be the last disease. Outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics are a fact of nature, exacerbated in our time by urbanisation, global migration, the climate crisis,” says CleanSpace Technology CEO Dr Alex Birrell.

“COVID-19 has been the catalyst for greater scrutiny of respiratory protection — this pandemic has exposed the extreme vulnerability of relying on low-tech masks in high-risk settings. At a time when the health and commitment of healthcare teams are pivotal to management and containment strategies, PPE plays a central role. We are proud hospitals implementing best-in-class pandemic readiness plans that rely on high performing respiratory PPE, are looking to CleanSpace as frontline defence during outbreaks,” said Dr Birrell.

This is the seventh international award for CleanSpace HALO, confirming the Australian brand’s continued leadership in innovative respiratory protection on the global stage. Other awards include the prestigious Red Dot (Germany), Good Design Award (Australia) and the Occupational Health and Safety Respiratory Protection Award (USA).

Continuous innovation – Wear Your PPE with Confidence with the CleanSpace Smart App

CleanSpace was also recognised for its continuous response to the everyday concerns of those working in high-risk environments. With increasing healthcare worker infection rates, CleanSpace launched the CleanSpace Smart mobile App in 2021 so workers can quickly check (<1min) their masks in real time, giving them confidence and control of their personal safety equipment.

Mask fit checks are essential when working with airborne contaminants. CleanSpace Technology is the first respirator where the worker can check their protection before entering the contaminated area or can recheck it if the mask moves during a task.

“Faces come in many different shapes and sizes. The CleanSpace Smart App allows each individual to know their respirator is at optimal performance, and at optimal fit — keeping them safe and putting them in control,” said Dr Birrell.

“Frontline workers must be comfortable and safe to focus on the task at hand. They deserve to have the best personal protection,” she added.