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CleanSpace Respirators are the world’s only smart respirators, providing the highest level of protection, comfort and performance.

We understand the importance of best-in-class personal protective equipment that not only performs, but allows the wearer to work comfortably and interact naturally in their work environment. Our products are designed for maximum compliance and comfort in the industrial and healthcare setting.

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Cleanspace Respirator Technology

Our vision was to create a respirator that was a true innovation in personal respiratory protection. Using a combination of world class skills with a desire to better protect and serve people on the frontline of industry and healthcare, our biomedical engineers created something that would change the way people used respirators.

CleanSpace respirators deliver all the protection of a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), are comfortable to wear and easy to use. Through our proprietary technology, we have created the world’s smallest and smartest respirator.

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CleanSpace Respirators with Half Face Mask

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