CleanSpace CST ULTRA

An intelligent PAPR system that provides protection reporting for improved safety compliance.

Your CleanSpace CST ULTRA Power System includes:

Universal battery charger

Neck support x 2 (small and medium)

Carry bag

Power Unit and Quick Start Guide

Get started with your new CleanSpace CST ULTRA

The CleanSpace ULTRA features advanced reporting technology that offers valuable data for generating your workplace compliance reports.

Suitable for environments that require high-level cleaning and decontamination.

Product Features:

  • Patented AirSensit® technology is breath responsive, adjusting to your breathing requirements for optimal comfort and performance
  • Compact and lightweight: (< 500g) - easy to don and doff
  • Improved mobility with no belts or hoses allowing you to work more freely
  • Connected via Bluetooth to the CleanSpace SMART App
  • IP 65 – suitable for decontamination
  • Battery run time up to 14 hours*; fast recharge
  • Long-term battery storage – ready to go when you are
  • Compatible for use with CST particulate and particulate/chemical filters, providing 99.97% filtration efficiency
  • Certified for use with Half Mask and Full Face Mask
  • *Operating time is strongly affected by filter type, filter loading, mask seal, work rate, altitude, and other factors. The operating times quoted above are average durations at moderate work rates at sea level. Actual operating times may vary widely from the quoted average durations.

CleanSpace CST ULTRA

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Tech Specs

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