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Respirator products for a range of Healthcare and Industrial applications.

CleanSpace HALO


CleanSpace ULTRA

CleanSpace EX

NIOSH, EN12942 and ASNZS1716
IP Rating 66 – Water tolerant
Intrinsically safe (see Data Sheets)
Medical Device: TGA, Singapore
CleanSpace filters: Particulate P3
CleanSpace filters: Combination Gas
CleanSpace Half masks
CleanSpace Full face masks
CleanSpace Accessories
Powered air purifying respirator (Positive pressure)
Up to 8 hours operating time and less than 2 hrs charging
Filter and battery alarms
Reduces heat stress and mask fatigue by removing heat, moisture and CO2
Portacount fit testing
HEPA filters (P2/P3, TM3, HE)
Source control options
Eliminates fogging of eye wear
Easy to wear and comfortable
Lightweight (500g/1.1 lb) and compact
Good mobility: No hoses, cables or belt mounted battery packs
No fogging and easy to clean
Fresh clean air for up to 8 hours
No breathing resistance
Tough and durable
Few parts and low inventory
No servicing or maintenance
No stockpiling
Reusable system
Compatibility with other PPE
Filter alarms ensures efficient filter use

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