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CleanSpace Grommet


PRODUCT NAME: CleanSpace™ Grommet

The CleanSpace Grommet is suitable for use with the CleanSpace HALO Half Mask (CS3003, CS3004 or CS3005). It is designed to ensure that exhaled air exits the CleanSpace HALO through the exhalation valve in the mask during Power Off Fit Testing. If Power Off Fit Testing is conducted without the CleanSpace Grommet, exhaled air can re-enter the bellows of the respirator. This presents a potential infection risk to future users, particularly as fit testing is often conducted on large numbers of people using a small number of devices. Due to the airflow provided by the fan, the CleanSpace Grommet is not necessary for Power On Fit Testing.

IMPORTANT: The CleanSpace Grommet should only be fitted whilst Power Off Fit Testing is being conducted. Failure to remove the CleanSpace Grommet during use could result in decreased run time.

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  • Used with the revolutionary CleanSpace – a light weight PAPR with no hoses/belts.
  • Materials: Nylon, ABS and Silicone.
  • Easy and quickly fitted and removed from the HALO Half Mask.
  • Sold in pack of 6.

Specifications and materials

  • Packaged weight: 50g Dimensions: 20cmx10xcmx3cm
  • Materials: Nylon, ABS and Silicone.
  • Storage and Use: –10 C to +55 C (–4 F to +131 F) at <90% relative humidity.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, grease and oil.

Suitable Applications

Healthcare, pharmaceutical production, research, diagnostic laboratories and emergency responders. Suitable for protection against particulates including airborne biohazards.


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CleanSpace respirators are air filtering, fan assisted positive pressure masks and designed to be worn in environments where there is sufficient oxygen to breathe safely. Do not use the CleanSpace in IDLH atmospheres, to protect against gases/vapours that cannot be filtered, or in Oxygen enriched or deficient atmospheres.