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CleanSpace HALO P3 TM3 Particulate Filter P SL R (pk 3)


PRODUCT NAME: CleanSpace™ HALO P3 TM3 Particulate Filter P SL R (pk 3)

CleanSpace HALO Particulate Filters P3 TM3 P SL R are suitable for protection against airborne particulates (dust, mists and fumes) and biohazards. IMPORTANT: The filters are compatible with CleanSpace HALO Power Units. When selecting a CleanSpace Filter please consult a Health and Safety specialist for advice on the appropriate respiratory equipment and filter use.

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Compatible with CleanSpace HALO power units

AS/NZS1716: 2012
EN 12942



  • Used with the revolutionary CleanSpace PAPR: light weight, no hoses or belts
  • Suitable for protection against airborne particulate (dust, mists and fumes)
  • Materials: Fibreglass particulate media and plastic casing, silicone seal
  • Easy and quickly fitted and removed from the power unit
  • Pack of 3 (CS3002).

Specifications and materials

  • Weight: 30g (single). Package Dimensions: 160mm x 180mm x 50mm
  • Packaged Shelf life: 3 years from manufacturing date.
  • Materials: ABS frame, borosilicate microfiber; PC spun fibres, polyurethane foam (seal)
  • Storage and Use: –10°C to +55°C (–4°F to +131°F) at <90% relative humidity. Store away from direct sunlight, grease and oil.
  • Only to be used with CleanSpace HALO power units
  • These filters are not waterproof and should be replaced if they come in contact with water.

Suitable Applications

Particles: 6 Protected against all dust — ‘dust-tight’;

Liquids: 6 Protected against Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure
from any direction shall have no harmful effects. Test duration: at least 3 minutes, Water volume: 100
litres per minute, Pressure: 100 kPa at distance of 3 m).

CleanSpace HALO respirators are suitable for healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications
where decontamination procedures are used.


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CleanSpace respirators are air filtering, fan assisted positive pressure masks and designed to be worn in environments where there is sufficient oxygen to breathe safely. Do not use the CleanSpace in IDLH atmospheres, to protect against gases/vapours that cannot be filtered, or in Oxygen enriched or deficient atmospheres.