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WHO places emphasis on pandemic preparedness

One of the four strategic objectives of the recently released Global Influenza Strategy 2019-2030 is to “Strengthen pandemic preparedness and response for influenza to make the world safer.” Strengthening national, regional and global planning will enable timely and effective pandemic readiness.

 Respiratory protection for healthcare workers should be at the forefront of any pandemic preparedness programme. The CleanSpace HALO, designed by biomedical engineers for the healthcare sector, offers all the protection on a PAPR but without heavy belts and hoses and, being completely reusable, does not require stockpiling like the N95 disposable mask. It’s economical, safe and fast to deploy.

 Influenza is a serious global health threat that impacts all countries: every year, there are an estimated 1 billion cases, 3-5 million severe cases, and 290 000-650 000 influenza-related respiratory deaths worldwide. In this interconnected world, the next influenza pandemic is a matter of when not if, and a severe pandemic is believed by many experts to be potentially the most devastating global health event with far reaching consequences.

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