Warranty and Replacements (RMA)

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Missing ComponentCannot UseOrdered IncorrectlyRough Handling/Misuse

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OH&S Declaration – Any contaminated returned product MUST be appropriately packaged and marked. Any harmful substance such as pesticides, poisons, mine tailings etc residual on its surface may cause possible ill health effects to the people at CleanSpace who are handling or repairing the equipment. Please declare what the substance may be so we are able to handle it responsibly and clean the equipment prior to repairing.

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Please Note: CleanSpace will receive these details when you click the 'Submit' button below, with today's date automatically recorded as the ticketed date. If the 'Submit' button below is not clicked, CleanSpace will not receive your RMA form. A copy of the details submitted will be sent to the email provided above, for your records.