A specialist in respirator design and manufacture of devices for high level personal respiratory protection.

Focused on Innovation and quality, CleanSpace respirator technology is a game changer.

Developed by engineers from the medical device industry who are specialists in positive pressure airflow and mask design and work to the highest standards in safety, quality and reliability. The Company was founded by biomedical engineers that have worked in FDA approved respirators from design to manufacturing that are currently being used by millions of patients around the world. CleanSpace®, the world’s smallest powered mask respirator (less 1.5lb/500g) delivering the convenience of an negative pressure mask (APR) with the protection and comfort of a PAPR. The smart, patented technology delivers respiratory protection against particles and dust (HEPA accredited filters, approved 1,000 times protection factor, 99.98% effectiveness for 0.3micron dust particles and above).

The CleanSpace® technology builds on a combination of technologies found in today’s industrial respirators, medical respiratory ventilators and consumer electronics. Available in half mask respirator and full face mask respirator, CleanSpace is a modular design offering businesses a economic and highly deployable respiratory system across their operations. The CleanSpace powered respirator has successfully penetrated markets such as mining, refineries/processing, manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, protecting workers from acute and chronic lung damage every day in highly contaminated areas.The CleanSpace® technology is currently being used in some of the world’s harshest environments.


Every Breath Counts


Work Comfortably


Operational Efficiency

  • Powered Air Purifying Respirator Mask (PAPR)
  • NIOSH Approved (TC-21C-0957)
  • HEPA – Filtration efficiency 99.97% for particles 0.3microns and above
  • Protects against dusts, mists, fumes and radionuclides
  • Ideal for lead, asbestos, silica, biohazards and other hazardous particulates
  • Reduces heat stress and mask fatigue by removing heat, moisture and CO2
  • Lightweight (1.1 lb) and compact
  • Easy to wear and comfortable over long periods
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Airflow up to 220L/min
  • Mobility – No hoses, cables or belt mounted battery packs
  • No breathing resistance
  • Fresh clean air for up to 8 hours
  • Portacount fit testing
  • Tough and durable
  • Few parts and low inventory
  • Easy to clean
  • No servicing or maintenance
  • Simple “one” button operating system
  • Easy training and online programme
  • Compatibility with PPE
  • Filter alarms for efficient filter use


“CleanSpace Respirators run an intelligent algorithm that delivers clear fresh air on demand. Our proprietary AirSensit System adjusts the air flow in response to wearer’s breathing no matter how hard the wearer is working, making it a remarkably comfortable respirator mask even over long periods of wear.”

Dr Alex Birrell, CEO