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Here is a success story from a welder and recent CleanSpace customer in the Midwest.

The welder had been using an N95 series disposable respirator with an exhalation valve and found it to be very hot, required frequent replacement and to be very uncomfortable under his welding helmet.  In addition,  the top of the N95 nosepiece would always come in contact with the bottom of the welding lens which then pushed back against his nose and face.

The welder initially did a demo of the CleanSpace2 respirator, a Bitrex fit test and then immediately purchased.

Here are his comments and feedback after a couple of weeks of intensive, daily use:

  • I am VERY happy with the performance of the CleanSpace 2 PAPR.
  • There has been no uncomfortable pressure against my nose and face and the CleanSpace2 fit perfectly under my welding welding hood and was very comfortable!
  • I liked the flow of the cool air from the CleanSpace2 and was not hot like the filtering face piece on the N95 mask.
  • The “on demand AirSensit” feature is great!  I received clean, cool, filtered air that flowed easily just like natural breathing.
  • I could hear others talking with no problem and my supervisor stated that he could hear me speak with no trouble.  The CleanSpace2 was remarkably quiet!
  • The unit is amazingly light weight.

This success has resulted in 8 additional welders in the shop getting fit tested and the shop purchasing a CleanSpace2 for each of them!