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3 Reasons that the CleanSpace2 is a Great Fit for the New OSHA Silica Regulations.

[fusion_text]Many construction companies and contractors will be impacted by the new OSHA silica regulations that become effective September 23, 2017 requiring construction companies to lower permissible exposure to silica to one-fifth of its current exposure within one year.  And, while disposable N95 APF 10 respirators may be sufficient to address these new regulations in many work environments there are 3 situations and scenarios where the powered CleanSpace2 respirator may very well be a much better option.

#1- Higher Required Respiratory Protection Factors:   With some jobs such as using handheld grinders for mortar removal a protection level of APF 25 is required to meet the new regulations (click here for a complete breakdown of required protection factors).  The CleanSpace2 powered respirator has an APF rating of 50 which well exceeds the minimum protection ratings for any job.

#2 – High heat and/or humidity:  When working in a dusty, hot, or humid environments the CleanSpace2 respirator is a perfect alternative to a hot, uncomfortable N95 mask that becomes clogged and collapses.  By providing worker specific on-demand powered air the CleanSpace2 acts like a portable fan pushing fresh air into the mask, while at the same time providing a higher level of protection.

#3 – Total Cost of Ownership:  Many businesses believe that disposable masks are the most ‘inexpensive and easy’ solution. However, this is not always the case.   In fact, based on case studies at workplaces with modest use, the annual total cost of ownership (per wearer) for a disposable N95 mask with an exhalation valve is over $4,000 and for a disposable with no valve the cost is almost $2,000 per year.    These costs can skyrocket even higher in dirty or hot environments where in some situations with high dust concentrations and/or heat issues, a worker may go through as many as 3-4 masks in an 8 hour shift.   Of course, the main reason for these high costs are the fact that N95 masks are disposable and not reusable.   With its affordable price point the CleanSpace2 may be a much more cost-effective alternative in these situations.[/fusion_text]