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The Real Cost of N95 Disposable Respirators

At first glance you may think that N95 disposable masks are a a lower cost option than CleanSpace2 respirator?  Clearly the initial outlay for a disposable is far less than for a reusable respirator, however when you take into account the number of disposables used in a day, and the number of working days in a year you will find the numbers add up quickly.

In fact, some workers may use up to five N95’s per day (especially in dirty or hot environments) at an annual cost of over $2,500 per worker.

The CleanSpace2 is a reusable powered respirator and can be effectively scaled up (with its modular system) to be efficiently used across large, shift-based teams. CleanSpace Respirators save businesses money, reduce your cost of waste disposal, and is environmentally friendly.

Download the Real Cost of Disposables data sheet and review this video.  Then run the numbers for yourself.