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CleanSpace Enters The Healthcare Respiratory Safety Market

Launch of the next generation in respirators designed for healthcare, emergency services and first responders.

Frankfurt, Germany. May 30, 2018 – CleanSpace Technology, a global manufacturer of powered air purifying respiratory protection launched their healthcare range of respirators for primary care, laboratories and pharmaceutical professionals. CleanSpace CE Mark (EN12942) approved respirator – CleanSpace HALO is an ultralight (350g) compact solution enabling Infection Prevention teams to deploy and train staff on a system with the high protection of a PAPR, few parts, no cables, hoses or head tops and an intuitive assembly and operating system that requires only 15 seconds to don.

“CleanSpace HALO builds on our proprietary technology to specifically meet the unique respiratory safety needs of healthcare professionals. Following extensive consultation with healthcare specialists, CleanSpace HALO has been designed to overcome the barriers for compliance seen with traditional respirators.” stated Dr Alex Birrell, CEO at CleanSpace Technologies. “Respiratory health is top of mind as our healthcare and government agencies deal with growing concerns of infection control and emergency responses to epidemics such as Ebola, Influenza and other airborne hazards. Our healthcare professionals and first responders are the first line of defense, their protection and health is paramount.”

CleanSpace Technology understands respiratory protection and the challenges of working in a healthcare setting. The protection of healthcare workers is critical. With a focus on innovation and wearability and comfort, CleanSpace has a modern design highly suited for women and men that need mobility and portability. The transparent face piece facilitates positive patient communication and interactions.

CleanSpace HALO: Designed by biomedical engineers, CleanSpace HALO is our ultra light powered respirator (350g) with high protection for biohazards. The modern stream lined design is ideal for clinical care, isolation wards and emergency care, pharmaceutical and bio-production facilities, first responders and handling and disposal of biohazards. CleanSpace HALO contains no hoses or belt-mounted battery packs making it easy to use with stethoscopes, hoods, face shields, gowns and coverall. Importantly for a clinical care setting, CleanSpace HALO offers transparent face piece, a range of colours and accessories to personalise and humanise respiratory protection. The low-profile latex-free face piece easily fits under hoods or face shields. Cool air and a soft silicone cushion ensure wearer comfort even for long periods. Few parts enable easy and reliable doffing, disinfection and storage. CleanSpace Respirators are P3/TM3 approved (EN12942) with a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for 0.3microns and above (including biohazards).

Additional product specifications, training resources and demonstration requests can be found at the CleanSpace Health web site.

About CleanSpace Technology

CleanSpace Technology is specialist in respirator design and a manufacturer of advanced personal respiratory protection in the healthcare industry. Focused on innovation, comfort and quality, CleanSpace respirator technology is truly a game changer. The technology behind the CleanSpace respirators was developed by leading biomedical engineers from the medical device industry who are specialists in the positive pressure airflow control and mask design, and work to the highest standards in safety, quality and reliability. The team built their skills and expertise with the design and development of FDA approved CPAP respirators currently in use by millions of patients around the world. Global headquarters and manufacturing are in Australia with regional presence in over 30 countries. For more information and how CleanSpace is supporting the healthcare industry, visit https://cleanspacetechnology.com/health/.