A specialist in innovative and quality respirator design and manufacturing.

Established in 2009 by a world class medical device engineering team with a vision to make respiratory protection wearable and easy to use. Designed and built with the same rigour as in the medical industry, CleanSpace respirators are safe and reliable. Our dedication to product quality, training and customer service is reflected throughout the business.

CleanSpace respirators (NIOSH approved) deliver significant safety and compliance benefits over traditional masks and are sold in over 36 countries.



Every CleanSpace respirator is individually tested for quality and performance in our facility in Australia. We manage a preferred supplier program and stringent quality control processes for all components. The Company’s Quality Management System is accredited to the globally recognised ISO 9001 and IECEX as well as NIOSH (US) and ATEX (Europe) standards.

An important part of using a CleanSpace respirator is our training. Our training has been developed with our customers’ in mind and can be provided by our product specialists, distribution partners or via the CleanSpace Online Training Program. The CleanSpace’s intuitive operating system means training and deployment are fast and simple.


“CleanSpace is the most innovative personal protection equipment I have seen in safety market for 20 years.”
Global Head of Health and Safety, International chemical company, Europe
“The team really like the CleanSpace Respirators: they are easy to slip on, the guys can move around equipment and do their jobs without knocking or catching the respirator. CleanSpace masks don’t use belts or waist mounted battery packs making the PAPR comfortable when driving fork lifts.”
Operations Manager, Nickel and Cobalt Refinery, Australia
“Staff report good battery life, comfort and an easy move from their traditional masks. The built-in battery and compact unit means staff willingly carry it around and put it on before entering contaminated areas. As a manager, it is great to see the high compliance because of the CleanSpace respirator.”
Site Manager, Engineering and Services, Europe