Discover the latest technology to transform Respiratory Protection Programs

World's most advanced PAPRs

CleanSpace Pro

  • Sleek and durable design
  • No belts or hoses
  • PAPR: Positive pressure and HEPA
  • Buttons suited to gloved hands

Technology that tracks respiratory protection

CleanSpace ULTRA

  • Intelligent Management Filter Technology (IMFT)
  • Real-time mask fit check
  • Automated use records
  • Advanced program tools and insights

Smart PAPR systems that deliver performance and real-time information to simplify respiratory protection.

Work related lung disease is a major contributor to asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer. We are the global leader in respiratory protection technology and program solutions. We help protect.

With patented AirSensit® technology, our lightweight systems have no belts or hoses. They deliver superior protection from lung hazards that enable wearers to work at their best.

Our advanced programs exceed your compliance needs. Discover the world's smartest personal respirator system.

With a comprehensive range of masks and filters

Feature Highlights

Light: 400g

Peak Airflow: 230 L/minute

Sustainable Packaging


Battery Run Time: 12hrs - 14hrs

Exceeds Compliance

Real-Time Mask Fit Check

Intelligent Management Filter Technology (IMFT)

Advanced Program Tools & Insights

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