Blue chip organizations have chosen CleanSpace as their partner for respiratory protection.

CleanSpace customers run sophisticated operations that require tight controls on quality and safety. Their team’s job is to manage quality and continual improvement every day. This makes them leaders in clinical care, diagnostic laboratories, API and biopharmaceutical production and research.


Our customers’ operators work in challenging environments – remote or tight places often while carrying heavy equipment – for long shifts. Where respiratory protection is concerned these operators can’t compromise on safety, wearability and operational integration.

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CleanSpace is designed to protect without compromise.

“The responsive airflow is easy and has no resistance. It gives me fresh air but doesn’t blow hard on my face. And it fits under my welding visor.”
Welder, Defence Contractor, Australia
“Staff reported no fogging of goggles or glasses no matter what with CleanSpace.”
Safety Officer, Industrial minerals company, France
“The quality of the design and manufacturing is excellent. This is a real game changer in respiratory protection.”
Leading safety equipment manufacturer, Germany