Decontamination refers to a specific HAZMAT contamination and removal, where the purpose of decontamination is to make an individual(s) safe, by physically removing toxic substances quickly and easily within an isolated washing bay or containment. Refer to your local guidelines and organization procedures on decontamination.

For decontamination, only CleanSpace HALO, CleanSpace ULTRA and CleanSpace EX are IP Rated 66 and can be worn in a decontamination shower.

For advice on decontamination contact the CleanSpace Technical Team

Ensure your team are fully trained and familiar with CleanSpace and the decontamination process. We recommend that a Health & Safety Specialist assess the Donning and Doffing process for your site/application prior to training and implementation.

When storing the power unit, use the CleanSpace Cleaning & Storage Plug Set (CS3011) to prevent contaminants entering the power unit air path.

CHARGING: 0˚C to 35˚C in a dry and protected space

STORAGE: –10°C to +35°C (–4°F to +131°F) at <90% relative humidity. Away from direct sunlight

EACH MONTH: We recommend INSPECTING the respiratory for damage, cracks or missing parts. Please check the mask exhalation valve. If tearing or distortion of the valve, the exhalation valves should be changed.

EVERY 6 – 12 MONTHS: Harness and neck pads should be replaced depending on the level of use, every 6-12 months. The masks are made of silicone and resilient to aging and wear and tear. Close inspection of the mask should be conducted at least annually. The Respiratory Protection Standards recommend a fit test annually to confirm the correct fit of the mask

This information is a guide only and should be reviewed thoroughly by your HSE manager prior to selecting the disinfecting product for your equipment and specific application. Please note CleanSpace has not evaluated the effectiveness of any agents with regard to inactivating biological material on these products. IMPORTANT: Components of respiratory systems may become damaged over time with prolonged or extended use of disinfecting products.