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CleanSpace Technology Supports Diversity in Construction

As new construction projects are expected to stabilize and return to growth in 2021, and new construction industry jobs are expected to balloon, companies are looking to recruit more women than ever before to bring their skill sets into the field.

Diversity wins is the third report in a McKinsey series investigating the business case for diversity, following Why diversity matters (2015) and Delivering through diversity (2018).

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This report shows not only that there is a strong business case but also that the relationship between diversity on executive teams and the likelihood of financial success is getting stronger over time. The report comes from a data set encompassing 15 countries and more than 1,000 large companies. Including also a qualitative analysis of employee sentiment, through online reviews, the report also provides insights into how inclusion matters. It shows that companies should pay much greater attention to inclusion, even when they are relatively diverse.

McKinsey & Company is a worldwide management consulting firm, founded in 1926 by University of Chicago professor James O. McKinsey, that advises on strategic management to corporations, governments, and other organizations. McKinsey is the oldest and biggest of the “Big Three” management consultancies, it is seen as one of the most prestigious employers in the industry and has been recognized by Vault as the most prestigious consulting firm in the world. The firm has received praise for its corporate culture, and has been in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work awards numerous time and #1 in Glassdoor’s Top 25 Most Difficult Companies To Interview.