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CleanSpace Technology receives funding from prestigious government funding initiative for innovation in healthcare

CleanSpace Technology has been awarded funding by the NSW Government for an innovative technology that contributes to the health system. The funding is a further endorsement for the respirator that delivers high respiratory protection to health-care workers.

CleanSpace HALO is a revolutionary respirator for the healthcare sector that boasts advantages to using N95 disposable masks or traditional Powered Air Purifying Systems (PAPRs). Designed by biomedical engineers specifically for the healthcare sector, CleanSpace HALO is lightweight, weighing less than 1lb (400g), is reusable, offers the highest level of protection against biohazards and has no heavy belts or hoses.

“As an Australian company, it’s rewarding to be recognised by a government funded initiate for our contribution to the healthcare industry,” said CleanSpace Technology CEO, Alex Birrell. “By offering healthcare workers the respiratory protection they deserve, in a device that is comfortable and easy to use, you inevitably improve patient care.”

The Medical Devices Fund aims to provide support to individuals, companies, public and private hospitals, medical research institutes, universities and the medical devices industry, to take local innovation to market.

Since the first round in 2013, recipients of the NSW Medical Devices Fund have been awarded more than $50 million for 31 technologies. The fund invests in the development and commercialisation of medical devices and related technologies in NSW, Australia.

While offering higher protection than a standard PAPR, the CleanSpace HALO is easily and quickly donned in under ten seconds, as it has no heavy belts or hoses. This makes it practical in hospital settings, and easily deployable in an emergency.

“CleanSpace HALO is lightweight and low-profile so fits easily under masks and face shields,” Dr Birrell added. “Staff are more comfortable as they no longer have hot, moist masks and disruptive fogging. These features improve compliance which means increased productivity and more protection healthcare professionals.”

CleanSpace HALO uses AirSensit® technology enabling the smart, breath-responsive system to deliver cool fresh air-flow that eliminates fogging and heat, while the soft transparent facemask allows for easy communication.

The Medical Devices Fund will allow for the expansion of the technology platform into both the healthcare sector and broader applications where healthcare workers are at risk of biohazards.