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CleanSpace Full Face In-depth Overview and Demo Video

Jon Imms, CleanSpace Technology Global Product and Training Director, provides a detailed walkthrough and demonstration of CleanSpace Ultra Full Face Respirator in this 6 part video series.

Key topics discussed in this video series include:
1.  CleanSpace Full Face Overview
2.  Using CleanSpace Full Face with prescription lenses and contact lenses.
3.  Donning and fitting CleanSpace Full Face
4.  Doffing CleanSpace Full Face
5.  How to use CleanSpace Full Face with a safety helmet.
6.  How to use CleanSpace Full Face with a safety helmet and ear muffs.

You can easily move to each of the above sections within the video playlist by clicking the 3 bars in the upper right corner of the video player and selecting the video you would like to view.

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