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CleanSpace features in Health Protection News article on outbreak preparedness

CleanSpace technologies was featured in this month’s issue of HPN (Health Protection News). The article, titled “It takes a Village – Preparing for outbreaks and catastrophesdiscusses the frequency and intensity of health-security threats and how the world can prepare for them.

In the article, CleanSpace Technologies CEO, Alex Birrell, highlighted the importance of respiratory protection such as the CleanSpace HALO, for staff on the front-line.

“In a crisis, prioritizing protection of healthcare workers (HCWs) can ensure a resilient frontline defense. In 2003, during SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak], about 20 percent of the people infected in the U.S. were HCWs; in Canada, it was forty-three percent. There was little time for hospital preparedness policies to be implemented and resources scaled up.”

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