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CleanSpace2 and Half Mask

CleanSpace delivers superior Quantitative Fit Testing

The latest Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1715:2009 – Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protection, now states that: “Employers shall ensure a suitable fit test is carried out for all users of Respiratory Protective Equipment with a close fitting face piece at least annually.” This means that respirator fit testing in the workplace is now mandatory.

The advantages of a Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing that uses the TSI PortaCount is that it measures the exact leakage into the respirator and provides users with a fit test rating. A Quantitative Fit Test is not subjective and eliminates human variables. CleanSpace2 powered respirator, using quantitative fit testing with the TSI Portacount, delivers superior fit test results (averaging 9,500 and above).

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