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CleanSpace CEO named in 100 Women of Influence Awards

We’re proud to announce that our CEO Dr Alex Birrell has been named in the 2014 Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards!

Alex says, “I feel honoured to join such an impressive group of women recognised this year and previous years. The recognition brings into focus our vision for all staff working with airbourne hazards to have access to easy to use, comfortable and high protection respiratory masks. Without this, they risk long term health issues that affect themselves, their families and the community. Our impact is to have long term improvements in global workplace safety.”

Dr Birrell’s work with the non-profit she co-founded (“Heads Over Heels”) that supports female CEOs further supports the Award’s celebration of ‘bold, energetic women, capturing the spirit of change and helping Australia shape a vibrant, inclusive future’, Everyday Heads over Heels connects CEOs to industry leaders across the world to support and help scale their businesses.

The Awards demonstrate how women are influencing in a diverse range of roles and sectors. The recognition and support from market leaders such as AFR and Westpac through a spotlight on the rich fabric of leaders across Australia. Many congratulations to all the winners who are breaking ground and holding their own in Australia and globally. Read their stories in 100 Women of Influence list 2014 here.

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