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Advanced PPE Must Be Part of Omicron Management

Proven technology is readily available, widely used in International markets, has TGA approval and can immediately reduce exposure risk for frontline workers says CleanSpace Technology

Advanced PPE offering 40 times more protection than N95/FFP’s is available for immediate deployment to healthcare workers, says CleanSpace Technology. With Hong Kong University researchers reporting Omicron infects 70 times faster than Delta, CleanSpace says we must move beyond an old approach in frontline worker protection.

Even prior to the pandemic, the company’s healthcare-specific respirator, CleanSpace HALO, was protecting workers from airborne containments. These medical devices provide the highest level of protection available, 99.97% HEPA filtration compared to the minimal protection rating of disposable masks. That is why CleanSpace HALO is now used in close to 1000 hospitals globally. 

“We have seen the detrimental effects of a highly infectious variant on populations overseas, with the USA death rate surpassing 800,000 this month. It has exposed the vulnerability of relying on low-tech masks including high infection rates, staff shortages, patients at risk and stress on the workforce,” said CleanSpace CEO Dr Alex Birrell.

“Healthcare workers play a pivotal role in core healthcare services and safeguarding the broader community from spread of the virus. By not providing them with the highest protection available, we risk jeopardising the health of their families, patients and the viability of the services they provide. The Omicron variant is a reminder that healthcare systems must adjust to managing ongoing airborne risks. As the virus goes through its anticipated mutations, it reinforces why healthcare workers should have access to best-in-class personal protection,” said Dr Alex Birrell.

“PAPRs are in a different league to disposable masks, they are the gold standard for high-risk settings such as ICUs. We have learnt from the early phases of the pandemic, that high-risk applies to all patient-facing staff — from the emergency ward, radiology to the operating theatres. Shouldn’t all staff working with potentially infected patients wear reliable and comfortable masks? As Australia’s only respirator technology company, we are committed to providing reliable supply of the best possible protection in healthcare settings.”

“Other countries have moved to the next level of protection. In the US, the Biden Government recommends that healthcare employers provide all at-risk workers with PAPRs or elastomeric respirators, rather than disposable masks,” Dr Birrell continued.

All CleanSpace respirators are designed and manufactured at the company’s state of the art facility in Sydney and are individually tested for quality and performance.

“The technology is here on our shores — medical associations both locally and internationally are educating their members on CleanSpace for the most advanced respiratory protection in the market,” she said.

Many hospitals shifting to CleanSpace HALO PAPRs have seen the benefits of embedding a reusable, readily processable, TGA approved system. Staff can don the units in under ten seconds and treat COVID-19 patients with full confidence in their PPE.

“Our hospital staff feel safer in CleanSpace HALO and are less apprehensive about working with COVID-19 patients. With the internationally approved CleanSpace HALO, staff have a psychological security net knowing they are being protected with advanced PPE, which is also comfortable and easy to use,” said Dr Douglas Feinbloom, Emergency Staff Specialist and Emergency Department disaster coordinator at Caboolture Hospital.

The company continues to innovate and respond to clinical requirements — designing and producing the world’s first PAPR exhalation filter for source control in sterile settings. Retro-fitted to the CleanSpace half masks, Steri-Plus provides high level filtration to the air exhaled by the wearer; enabling the use in sterile environments and/or protecting others in the case of asymptomatic wearers. In consultation with clinical specialists, CleanSpace Steri-Plus meets the urgent needs of hospital infection control teams and surgeons and holds the highest level of approvals internationally.